Hacker's Toy Box: A Peek Into Cool Gadgets from Defcon

Posted on Aug 26, 2023 · 308 words · 2 minute read

Elevator Pitch

Ever wonder what tools red team hackers use? Want to get your hands on some cool hacking toys? In this talk, we’ll walk you through some of the most popular gadgets hackers love. Think of stuff like the FlipperZero and the HackRF, which can mess with almost any wireless device or the USB Rubber Ducky that looks like a flash drive but is way sneakier. And that’s just scratching the surface! We’ve got gadgets for WiFi, RFID and NFC tricks, sneaky cables, and even tools to pick locks. And the best part? After the talk, you’ll get a chance to try them out for yourself.


Curious about the toolsets employed by red team hackers? Eager to explore the realm of cutting-edge hacking gear? In this presentation, we’ll guide you through a selection of the most widely favored devices within the hacker community. Imagine gadgets like the FlipperZero and the HackRF, capable of interfacing with a wide range of wireless devices, or the USB Rubber Ducky, cleverly disguised as an everyday flash drive but concealing some intriguing secrets. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve assembled an assortment of tools for a variety of purposes, from WiFi manipulation to RFID and NFC wizardry, unassuming cables that pack a punch, and instruments for lock manipulation. The most exciting part? Following the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with these tools yourself.

Technical requirements

  • Basic Hacking concepts
  • Basic Linux and networking concepts

Who should attend

While there’s no minimum required experience to attend, this talk will best suited for:

  • Students
  • Software Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • DevOps people
  • Incident response / penetration testers / hackers
  • Any person that wants to learn more about Red Teaming, Pentesting and Offensive Security