Electromagnetic hacking and Introduction to SDR

Posted on Nov 23, 2022 · 215 words · 2 minute read


Electromagnetism, ham radio and radio technologies have been around for a long time, sadly with the boom of the Internet, the cloud and the new technologies radio is not getting the attention it deserve, however the radio hacking community is huge and more alive than ever.

In this talk you will learn about about radio hacking and its role in history (electronic warfare). We are going to explore basic security concepts like SIGINT, ELINT, MASINT, etc. and common attack techniques such as replay attacks and jamming signals, then we will fast-forward into the present and start learning about SDR (Software Defined Radio) and the most popular gadgets like HackRF and the Flipper Zero used to hack RFID tags, radio remotes, digital access keys and Teslas ;)

Technical requirements

  • Basic knowledge of computers and how to install software
  • Basic knowledge of radio and concepts such as frequency, radio waves, radar and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Basic knowledge of cybersecurity

Who should attend

While there’s no minimum required experience to attend, this talk will best suited for:

  • Students
  • Engineering students
  • Ham radio enthusiast
  • Any person that wants to learn more about radio hacking and software defined radio